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PID help

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I have a smoke hollow electric with the 1500 watt element. Interested in adding a Pid. From what i can tell i need the controller, the temp sensor and SSR. Is this correct? I found this kit on ebay which includes all 3 and the SSR is rated for 25amps which would be enough.

Would this work for me and is this all i would need to do it? Thanks guys 

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Hey Bags,


My first question is how much do you know about PID's? 


You might want to do a "PID" search here, there is lots of info, ...the reason I asked the question is there was another member here that bought a Chinese PID and the instructions were useless to him because they were written in Chinese, sooo..., if you know your way around PID then it might be a good deal, you will also need a heat sink, junction block, a box to mount it in, ...what's the warranty policy?


I bough mine and everything I needed from Aubers Instruments, the have an excellent customer service and can answer any questions you might have, ...if this is your first venture into the world of PID.


Here's the link, they have PID controllers  just for smokers,  ...but they cost more.


Here is a good link, I used it for my installation:


I hope that helps, keep us posted with what you decide,



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thanks for the link! I ordered the kit from ebay so fingers crossed. I will go ahead and add the heat sink as well. Will post when i get it done. For 50 bucks cant beat it if it works beercheer.gif

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Here is a link to my PID mod on a SmokinTex electric. I really like to be able to switch between PID control and the stock thermostat - allows me to bring it up to temperature and then switch over to PID control.



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yep..I've done alot of work on PIDS as well...and if you know what you are doing..they are great...I would also suggest to order the PID setup from Auberins...they have nice equipment, and the directions come in ENGRISH as well. :)




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I have one of the PIDs from Auberins. The thing is awesome! Plug and use! I use a Cabela's  1500 watt element. It does not get easier than this!

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