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First go at BBB and my ham pics I forgot about

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I finally made a go of trying BBB. It was alot easier than I thought it was going to be, but then again all I had to do was follow bears step by step. One thing that was rather difficult was cutting the bone out as you will see I screwed it up. This is going to sound silly but mine tastes more like ham than bacon. Is this normal or did I screw something else up?


Here are some pics.

Just out of the zip lock bags. I dont have an extra fridge just for meat so put them in front of a fan.

smoking pics 019.jpg


In the smoker they go. As you can see my hatchet job trying to get the bone out I have a few different pieces. Im lucky though, family is more interested in taste than looks thank god.



smoking pics 020.jpg


I have the hardest time trying to get a pic of tbs, but I think this one will do. Bear if you read this and Todd, smoked for 9.5 hrs trouble free. Am SOOOOO happy with it after I figured out to nuke the pellets a bit.


smoking pics 022.jpg


All the pieces done and just pulled out waiting to cool a bit before slicing.


smoking pics 024.jpg


Sliced up and ready to go into food saver bags.


smoking pics 026.jpg


This is as close as Im going to get to a BearView


smoking pics 025.jpg


Since Im posting some pics I thought I would throw these in here as well of the double smoked ham I tried.

I am defenitly going to be useing AL's method next time as even the wife said that looked sooo much better than the one I turned out. And we all know the saying about mama..if she isnt happy no ones happy and if she isnt happy long enough we arent happy with only half our stuff.


smoking pics 014.jpg


Fresh out of the smoker


smoking pics 016.jpg


Have no idea why the picture came out so was time to eat so I guess I wasnt really paying too much attention to it.


smoking pics 018.jpg




Thx for looking.



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It ALL looks really good...I don't know if you ever made Belly Bacon yourself but the commercial bacon is mostly brine cured/pumped with smoke flavoring so the flavor will be different from the BBB you made...JJ

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Lookin good! Congrats on your first BBB, I'm sure it won't be your last.

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Great looking bacon & ham!



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Thanks JJ

No I havent, this is my first attempt at anything bacon. I was going to use bellies but the price was 6 dollars a pound. After needing O2 from hearing the price I started looking at other alternatives and found BBB. Im about whooped after sitting up all night in front of the fridge with a shot gun as my brother I swear was going to eat it all before my wife was able to get a piece of it. biggrin.gif


Thanks TeezNuts

Nope it sure isnt. With Bear's step by step it was extremely easy and gives me an excuse to keep working on getting that bone out perfectly.


Thanks Al

Going to use your method for ham next time. Wife really liked the way yours looked.

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That looks Perfect !!!


Great BearViews Too!!!


As for the flavor, I can only give you my opinion, but it seems to me that the more fat in BBB, the more it tastes like Bacon, and the pieces that are more Lean seem to taste more like Ham. I used to take the fatty pieces of leftover Double Smoked Easter Ham, and slice them up & fry them, and that stuff used to taste closer to Bacon than Ham, so that would kinda fall into line with my thoughts on BBB.


Thanks for the Great pics!!!


BTW: Keep looking for Bellies-----$6 is a real rip-off----You should be able to get some for under $3.




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That's perfect looking BBB in my book!


Great Job!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Bear,

Couldnt have done it without your step by step. They always seem to work out perfectly.


Thx a bunch Todd.

amnps worked excellant. Was soooo happy with it, it wasnt even funny. After nuking the pellets a bit fired it up. burned two hrs and I decided I wanted more smoke so light the other end and it burned that way for HRS. It was great.



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Great job on the BBB, and the twice smoked ham looks darn good to drool.gif


Thanks for sharing your Qview thumb1.gif

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Well all I have found a HUGE mistake on my part with the BBB. With Bears step by step I should have known it would come out great..but my mistake was not makeing anywhere near enough. My wife LOVES this stuff and my brother wont stop eating it. I thought it would last a few days and I would have time to grab some..WRONG. I can expect my brother to eat what we cook, but my wife gets very picky on how much she eats of the different things I smoke. I cant blame her, if I had my way we would eat bbq every day.


I just wasnt expecting such a huge hit. So...


Thank you once again Mr. Bear for the great step by step and all the other help through PM's



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Always a pleasure helping you, Dave.


LOL----It just doesn't seem to matter how much you make---It doesn't stay around long.




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Great job on your BBB Tailgate72!! I have my 1st BBB in the fridge curing right now. Just got my AMPS from Todd today and I'm gonna break it in with this BBB. I have been traking pictures and will post them as well. Can't wait! Hopefully mine turns out as well as yours did. I'm using Bears step-by-step also.

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If you follow Bears step by step you cant go wrong..the only thing i can say is dont worry if your temps dont match the time frame exactly. Mine was a bit off so had to adjust accordingly.

Good luck and good smoking



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