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Trying to decide...

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Let me start off by saying this forum is great and everyone's input has been helpful in trying to research / decide on a gas smoker.


I don't have a need for a 'big block' smoker at this point so I wanted to shoot for something smaller.


Now, I've focused on a 2 drawer model / size that appears to be similar across two brands.


I'm looking for opinions on which way you think I should go.  Prices are similar.  I like the fact that I might be able to put my hands on a Masterbuilt at a retail store before pulling the trigger.


Landmann 2 Drawer (3405GLA) vs. Masterbuilt 2 Drawer








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They both look like decent smokers, but I'm not familiar with either one. I have a Smoke Vault propane smoker. I'm sure someone with these smokers will be along shortly.

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