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need help estimating cook times

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i have never cooked two butts before but i have a 6.5 and 7.5 lb butts i need to start on tomm night for work on friday. I didn't know if i should add the two together and figure 1.5 hrs which would be like 21 hours or figure the 1.5 hr rule for them idividually which would be like 10-12 hrs. Basically i need it to be done at 9 am so it can get wrapped and put in the cooler till 12 for lunch. What do ya figure?

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Same time for1, 2,3,or 4...may take a bit longer for 4 but not much...



Hope this helps!!



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Like fpnmf said, just estimate same as one butt.  If you have a sightly hotter part of the smoker then put the bigger one there.  12 hrs is a pretty good estimate if you are foiling

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I agree with the above, except I tend to estimate 2 hours per pound, so the 7.5 could take 15 hours including the rest period.

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Gotbags,I see no reason you wouldn't be able to do both at the same time,they're appox. the same size and if you wrap and rest in a cooler after smoking they will be good to go:


Betty 004.JPG


I do them this way a lot . A full smoker seems to act as a heat sink and cooks better with not near as much fussing over the temps.


I do my Briskets the same way:


Betty 014.JPG


I love doing full loads and BSing with the Friends or whoever is over, I get to tell my tall tales and

discuss BBQ more that way...biggrin.gif


Have fun and...

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