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Need help with ID-ing hardwood

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A good friend of mine came accross a good pile of clean aged hardwood 3X5's various lenghts, all never used and or soiled. I'd love to try and figure out what types of wood they are.  I mostly use Hickoy, Cherry and Apple in my propane Master Built which turns out stellar ribs and briskets each and every time, Thinking about chipping them into chunks and trying a little of each as a test. Any ideas would be greatly apprciated.


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Welcome to the forum, Dee


Not enough info to be able to help you.   Hardwood is good, but not knowing exactly what type it is or if it is truly hardwood can't say much.  What were they originally intended for?   I see a lot of wood down here from pallets about that size and I think a good bit of it is sprayed with insecticide so it can come into the country


If it still has bark on it we may be able to help a bit. 


Good luck,  why not tell us a bit about yourself.





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So we be talkin rough cut dimensional lumber? Post some pic's,,, alot of us could tell be the grain


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Thanks, good point about the insecticide spray. I think it may have been originally meant for pallets and not used. No bark on them and I think I'll stay clear of it and not use it my smoker. Better to be safe than sorry. I definately will update my profile soon and add some pics and information.



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