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Sunday chicken dinner in Lodge Dutch oven with Qview

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 I cooked our Sunday dinner in our Lodge Dutch oven. I put some oil in the bottom and browned the taters first. I then made a bed of carrots and a few of the taters and put in the seasoned chicken along with a can of chicken broth. The remaining taters and a sliced onion were then added.

 Slightly over two hours later the chicken was fall apart tender, and the veggies were done just right.

Chicken and veggies before cooking in Dutch oven 10-9-2011.jpg


Chicken dinner is cooking 10-9-2011.jpg


chicken dinner is ready 10-9-2011.jpg

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Looks like some mighty fine grub there. yahoo.gif
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Looking good...

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Looks delicious!

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Wow, if I buy one of those dutch oven things will it come loaded with chicken??? JK


Looks Great.


Happy Smokin'



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Nice Dinner. I would like to get more in to the Dutch Oven gig. I have one, but never used it like that. Looks great! sausage.gif

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Man that looks so delicious! yahoo.gif

So many good things come out of DO's and there you go raising the bar again! Outstanding meal you made and I'm sure there were no leftovers either...

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Wow it looks like a great meal

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Great work there, that grub looks great.

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I'm glad that came out well. That looks like a lot of charcoal on the lid. 

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drool.gifI eat that for

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Nice! I miss cooking on my Dutch ovens.

I may just have to drag them out of their cozy nesting area.

What temperature do you figure you’re cook at, 325 - 350?



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Looks mighty tasty . I love DO cooking 

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Great job!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I used extra charcoal on the top after the first hour since no browning had taken place. I was trying to maintain 350F or so.

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wow just got my first d/o  and cant wait to make something that looks that good mmmmmmm

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Do you use a old grill as a base for the ovens?   I got an old propane i was going to take apart and make a table with a burner, but this may be a better option.

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