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"Roll Call"......Sound1......YO

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Just another Todd to join the group. I’m one of those food enthusiasts that have been lurking in the background for several months now, like what I have seen, so decided to join.

About me….I have been in many a cookoff, BBQ, Chili, Buffalo Wings, Salsa, well you get the idea, and even won a few including the state Buffalo wing championship. As of late, I haven’t had much time to compete, but when I go to these events to see the old brotherhood, I end up on a judges table. I love to taste all the variations of a basic theme.

When I lived down Phoenix, it was very hard to do anything but hot smoke/cook anything as the equipment would start off at well over 120 degrees. One of my many smoker builds included one made out of a chilled prep table/reach in cooler with the “thin blue smoke” going in on one end and the cooler unit chilling the inside on the other.  Worked great for cheese, but what a pain to clean. Smoke likes to condense on the coils.

Now living in the mountains, 7000 feet, its cool enough for me to do some serious smokin’, and altitude brings on some new challenges.

Toast to some good times…..”clink”….BTW that was an adult beverage…..

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Welcome to SMF Todd.


These folks here are a great bunch. I learn something new and 

interesting here everyday.


Enjoy yourself, and Happy Smokin'




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hello and welcome to SMF

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Welcome !!!!!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you with us.
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Welcome you live in a great place...

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nice to have you on board

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Welcome Aboard!

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!


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THX for the warm welcome

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