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Beef question on time and temp

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So going to throw on a sppon roast just under 4 lbs for the wife and i for dinner.  Smoker runs about 240, smoking with some hickory and apple.  Rough idea on how long it will take? We like it room temp and a good pink, take to 130 and let sit awhile?


Also going to throw some potatos on as well, how long for those?



Thanks again.....


Pics to come later

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Your probably looking at 20-30 minutes per pound depending on how thick it is. The potato's may take longer than the roast. You may want to start the potato's in the oven or nuke them before you put them in the smoker.

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Only thing I had near that time & temp is my Prime Ribs.


One was 5.1 lbs----@ 230˚----took 3 1/2 hours to get to 130˚ internal.



Another was 5.7 lbs----@ 220˚----took 4 hours to get to 129˚ internal.


You can see the internal color by clicking on my "Prime Ribs" in my signature below (I took them just a few degrees more).



Hope that helps,


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What's a sppon roast?

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Here is what the net says, all i say is its damn good and an easy cook, in the oven at 325, till last few minutes then 450 for a sear.  We'll found out how it smokes!!


Spoon roast, aka top butt, top sirloin butt, and center-cut roast, is top sirloin. This is the cut used for the roast beef sold in delicatessens.

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