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Vertical Propane Tank Smoker Build

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I am building something a little different after about 15 years of use my Fridge smoker went up in flames.  This time I am building a smoker out of an old 500 gal propane tank.  Unlike everyone else I have decided to build it up right (Vertical) instead of horizontal.  I started with an old tank, shot blasted all the paint off of it, and welded some legs on it.  From there I went and plasma cut the door in it, and welded the hinges on them.  I cut an access door into the bottom to get to my heat source.  I had some shelve brackets made and welded them into the smoker, this way I can remove the shelves.  I have not decided what type of shelve I plan on using.  I am building it so I can heat it with either propane or charcoal.  The propane heat I am building a PID controller to regulate my temp.  I am also going to build a smoke generator for the side, but have not figure out exactly how to do this yet.  Can't wait for the first ribs out of it, my old fridge unit I could smoke 18 rack at one time, I'm thinking at least double that.  I have plenty more work and I will up date with pictures when I get more progress done, for now it's a weekend project. 


No Doors.jpgDoor Closed.jpgDoors Open.jpg

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More Pics More Pics. I love my UDS but I need more room in a small footprint, your Idea is golden.

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Mac, That is going to be one fine cooker.

Keep the pictures coming.

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Great idea I like it!

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Worked on the smoker a little more the last couple weekends.  I have all my removable shelves cut and in place.  I have my gas burner installed when I want to use propane.  I have my fire box done (an old grill).  I have my PID built for my gas control.  I still have to weld my fire box on run a pipe between the firebox and smoker.  Connect my gas valve, and PID to the smoker, weld on my chimney and paint.  I have 5 gallons of used peanut oil to do the first seasoning with, I am going to do it like an old cast iron skillet.  More pictures to come, and my goal is to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving, if not ribs for the wife before.


Fire Box.jpgBurner.jpg

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How has your smoker worked out for you?  Any finished pics?  I have a line on a 120 Gal vertical propane tank,  I was thinking about putting the firebox directly beneath the tank to save space.  Your build is the closest thing I've seen to my idea.  Thanks,  Jim

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I'm curious as to how this turned out. Any new pics or updates on this behemoth?

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Looks great so far.icon14.gif
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tell e about the propane set up? nice build.

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I want to hear about the propane setup too
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