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I saw at Theisen's today they have bags of smoking pellets. Are these the same pellets that are used in the AMNPS? and thanks again Bear!

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Looks like it's gonna be an AMNPS. Is that preferred over the AMNS? The only differences I see are the smoke time and that the AMNPS can run on sawdust or pellets. However, 11 hours of worry free/babysitting free smoke sounds very nice. I did some test runs on the soldering iron and it ran for a good 6 hours no problem, just had to refill the can every couple hours, but I can always use a backup for my car wiring jobs. When I do get the AMNPS I know it comes with pellets, 2lbs I think, and when that runs out I'll probably buy more, but in case I get the itch to smoke something during that in between/ran out of pellets time, can I use sawdust I have at home? I have a woodshop and home and the means(saws) to make different types and thicknesses of sawdust and collect it. If I have some scrap laying around(raw scrap, no stain/varnish/glue/chemicals) can I just hack that up and use it in the AMNPS? Either way, I can't wait to make some bacon. When that time rolls around I'll be posting pics and asking a lot more questions. I plan on using a brine cure the first time around, and would like to make something like the "Diablo Powder" that JIRodriguez posted about and sprinkle some in the brine. I'm a spicy food nut, and the thought of some spicy, smokey, peppery B piled on some LT is making my mouth water!

Just for grins I tried my AMNPS with some homemade dust and it was a real hassle keeping it lit even after microwaving it... as cheap as Todds is it just isn't worth the hassle to try to use my own. IMHO



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Thanks for the info! I'll probably just buy it all

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