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UDS lid

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So I'm building my first uds. I brought home the drum today and am ready to start the transformation. It came with a lid and ring. The lid doesn't have a bung hole or and holes for that matter. What is the best way to add a vent to the lid. I read somewhere that people drill numerous 1/2" holes equally spaced around the lid. Or would I be better of just drilling one large hole in the center of the lid. Any help is appreciated.

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Gable, you have a good one, you have several choices to take...


You could search around to find a Domed Lid from a 22.5in. webber

use the lid as a bottom to assist in cleaning and or loading the Fire Basket(or re-filling it) and cut  the top out and use a smaller dome lid( knockoff webber)

make a hole big enough to put a 2"pipe in or the holes you mentioned.


The ring you can use to lock on the lid to move it around.


Just sayin',


Stan and Trish    aka    oldschool


Have fun and.........


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how tight does the lid need to be on the drum?  should it be air tight or is a little rolling smoke out the edges ok?

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I get a little smoke around the edges.  Not a lot and not from all around the edge, just is some spots.  If I spin the lid around, I can minimize the leaking.  I haven't found that it hurts anything.  When my cook is done I close the air inlet and it still puts out the charcoal and leaves whatever is left as unburned.



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