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Pork loin

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Smoked a pork loin.  Check this out under brisket and pork loin weekend for entire smoke.  This is an old recipe that my family takes pride in.  The loin is rubbed with equal amounts of garlic salt, pepper and rosemary.  I use apple and hickory chips for smoke.  On the hour I spray the loin with apple juice and olive oil which creates a glaze that is out of this world.  Wish I had more pic's but you'll get the point.





Nice smoke ring.



Moist and tender, that's all you can ask for.  



I pulled this loin at 160 degrees, I would normally pull at 155.  I let it sit for an hour to let the juices redistribute.  The flavor was awesome, it was tender and juicy.




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It sure looks great!

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It looks real good.


With the new guidelines from the USDA you can consider pork done at 145 degrees.


You may want to try pulling the next loin out at 145, they really are much juicier.

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Looks great !!!
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Looks awesome great job first.gif

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Looks great



Al is right,  I would actually even go a little lower and pull at 140 and foil for a 15 - 20 minute rest

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Looks great!

I gotta do a pork loin soon myself.

That rub looks amazing and the meat looks juicy. Good smoke ring too. grilling_smilie.gif
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Made this one today and it was awesome!  A good lesson in simplicity sometimes being the best approach!

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