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Need Help Pls..

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Hi all, This is my first time smoking a sausage after months of studying and reading on this site.


Yesterday I made a sausage, smoke it on my homemade smoker, The problem is the temp can't go higher than 150*F, so my question is: can someone help me or give me an idea how to cook those sausages after I smoke them for like three hours? (besides using the oven for baking) Yesterday I used the oven.



after three hours smoke.



My homemade smoker/rotisserie.



Thanks all!


BTW, this is my second post, I don't know what happened to my first post. If I duplicate this I apologize in advance.

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Just boil them in water.


You did use cure in them didn't you?

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Thank you, Yes I did use cure#1.


So when boiling do I have some rules to follow? or just "boil like a pasta" till inside temp is 165*F?

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Yes just boil them like pasta, they only need to go to 155 IT.

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