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Custom Fridge Build and Cold Smoke Generator

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I’ve been an avid hunter and fisherman basically since I’ve been little.  When I would get a deer I would take it in to the butcher and wait to get back what was hopefully my meat.  Well, I got tired of doing this and probably around 7 years ago I decided that I was going to do my own processing.  Needless to say I REALLY loved the whole idea of harvesting an animal and doing everything myself.  This way I could control exactly what my family would be eating.  So, I bought a small Maserbuilt Electric smoker with digital controls on sale after Christmas for $100 (I see now they are selling for over $200. I really liked the digital control of it, but didn't’t like the capacity in which I could smoke at one time.  Finally this year I was trying to find a larger electric smoker and after doing some surfing I came upon this site.  Needless to say it has been a god send and is great to see people passionate about BBQ like I am.  So, I went browsing through multiple forums trying to find a custom build and found some refrigerator builds.  Plus, I found some forums where there was talk of PID controllers.  I also liked the idea of a cold some generator and of course found some more info on them as well.  After doing my research I decided to do a custom build.  I was stoked about the build where my wife thought I was nuts.  I finished the build and yesterday was my first run.  I am glad to say I am EXTREMELY happy with how everything ran and can’t wait to do more!!  I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures of the build, but here’s what I got.


1940's fridge after things have been tore apart and now ready for the build.
Tear Down Overall.JPG



16 Gauge Steel put on the inside of the door.

Steel on Door Inside.JPG


Finished Build (it's going to be on a small trailer, but had to use it before then)

2-Smoker Overall.jpg


My version of a cold smoke generator made from 4" Tube Steel. 

3-Smoke Generator.jpg


PID Controller from Auber Instruments

4-PID Controller.jpg


Smoker loaded with 25 lbs. of snack sticks

6-Smoker Loaded.jpg


9 Gauge Expanded Steel shelving with 3/4"x1/8" angle iron for brackets 



1500 Watt heating element

7-Heating Element.jpg


Fresh batch of snack sticks

13-Fresh Batch.jpg



15-Snack Sticks.jpg


I must say that I am EXTREMELY happy with how the build went and also with how my first batch of snack sticks turned out!  I brought a bunch into the office today and they were all gone in about 1/2 an hour!  I couldn't have had a successful build without all you members!!  Thank you all and I look forward to sharing more down the road!






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Nice build...  sticks look real good

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great looking rig im working on an old deep freeze so like you said lots of ideas out there with such a great group of skilled people

i guess i had better take pictures of my build so i can be apart of the family

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do you burn chips or dust in ur smoke generator?


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Great lookin build. That is the kind I want to do, but am having a problem finding 

someone in the backwoods of Tenn. willing to part with an old fridge. lol


Stix look really good too.



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Great build & great looking sticks!

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Great looking build and sticks. How do you like your PID? I was thinking about getting the same one for the fridge build I am working on. What size electric heating element did you go with?

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Sorry I didn't read close enough. I see you went with the 1500 watt element.

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I'm doing the same thing but my racks are #13 expanded metal did you seanson yours first like you would a cast iron skillet, I picked up my metal just from a Metal manufacture and they had a oil substance on tme so I put tem in BBQ and got them to about 500-550 degrees to but that stuff off then let them cool put them back in with a veg oil and seasoned it, I will post also when I get mine going I built shed for it and everything, yours looks great, my burner is a double burner is suppose to put out 1500 watts also?? how high can you get temp upto on yours with no product inside or have you tried?? Thanks

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I seasoned the grates with veg. oil.  I haven't been really high yet, but I have no problem maintaining 350 degrees with it.


In the generator I usually use chips & chunks.  I haven't filled the generator up all the way to see how long it will smoke for, but I have no problem creating smoke for 5 hours or so when it's been 2/3 to 3/4 full.

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Nice build! Wish I was that handy!

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As long as you have some basic tool knowledge you could build one of these.  It was fun to build and quite simple as well.

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Killer B

What kind of element did you use in this fridge and where did you get it? I'm in the proceess of a fridge right now!  Thanks

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