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need help with a chuckie I started yesterday

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Long story short, I started a 7 3/4 lb chuckie yesterday on the smoker but had to pull it (current internal meat temp was 141)...  we had to bolt pretty quickly so I wrapped really well in HD foil and through it in the fridge....


now, this is not how I had planned this at all...  so its still in the fridge this morning...  what can I do to salvage this thing?  should I heat it up in the oven?  whattemo should I take it to?  I am kind of bummed.  I went to my local butcher yesterday morning, and he cut me a nice 9-10" long section from a whole chuck (the prime rib end) and I am really hoping I didn't ruin a nearly 8 lb piece of meat....


any advice on what to do to this today to have it for dinner would be much appreciated...  kind of new to beef...  usually do LOTS of chicken and pork...

thanks in advance!

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Strat the smoker and finish it..........................225*f until it gets where you want it,rare-165* to 170*f , Med. - 180*f , and well-what ever! If you can't get it where you want it, go to 200*f and pull it, darn good "Q".

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put pepper stout beef in the search tool.  it is delicious.  this is my version of it

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I personally would throw it back in smoker at 225° with some bacon slices draped over the top to help keep it moist and take it to 165°. take it off and wrap in foil then back in smoker til internal temp reaches 195°-205°. let rest 45 min to an hour then pull it for sammies or chuckie tacos.......or both.

this is just an opinion and its what I would do. other opinions may vary.
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Smoker or oven, either one will get it done. Personally I would put it in the smoker.

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