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PP Help!

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Happy Saturday all!


Put my 7.5# butt in last night at 10pm.  At 11:50am now, butt is only at 145.  Smoker temp has been between 220 and 240 all night.


My Maverick probes are spot on (212 in water for both probes).


Any ideas why it's taking so long??

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You hit the Dreaded Stall!!!
I'm impatient, so I foil and finish in the oven at 325°


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Are you hitting the bone or something like that? I would suggest pulling out the probe and then putting  it back in and see if it changes. I have had issues in the past when I probe the meat right away and my probe will stick at a certain temp forever  then I will reprobe and it will be way hotter. My first brisket sat at 140 for many hours. I finally reprobed it and the thing was at 180. Ever since then I don't probe my meat until I think I am about half way through my smoke.

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

You hit the Dreaded Stall!!!
I'm impatient, so I foil and finish in the oven at 325°

More than 10 hours and only 145 is something else besides a stall (or it is one heck of a stall) and hitting the bone, would give you a higher temp. I would do a reprobe like Ross stated.


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yes sounds like something went wrong.. I also don't think u hit 140 in 4 hours...

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I pulled the probe out, cleaned, check with boiling water and checked out OK.  Put it back in and it was still at 145.  Now it's at 170 and I'm going to foil soon.  Maybe I got a stubborn butt?  I'll reprobe when foiled again.




Apparently it was my probing technique!  Once I pulled it out and foiled it and stuck the probe back in it reads 190.  Who knows.... I'll have to work on that.

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Don't forget the q-view. grilling_smilie.gif
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One other thing you may want to consider is maybe you have a colder spot in your smoker. When I am running my UDS I notice that the outside of the barrel can be several degrees lower so I usually rotate my meat 180 degrees about half way through to  make sure that the meat gets  done evenly throughout the whole cut. I learned the hard way when I had  a full load of butts and I didn't rotate them and the outside  of the butt read 20+ degrees lower then the middle. Just something to  checkout. I'm not sure what you are using for a smoker so maybe this isn't it at all.

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I started an 8.5 LB butt last night @ 8:30.


S. Florida, over night temp in the mid 70's

Masterbuilt Propane

hickory and cherry.

smoker temp in the 225 range. 


At 11:30 it was close to 140.  (don't remember for sure.  It was past rum:30)  Dog woke me up @ 2:30 so I went to check.  It was 151.  Threw more wood on and back to bed.  Got up @ 6:30 it was 171.  Had to go to work and I did not want it in the smoker while not home.  Oven set @ 225, into the oven NOT FOILED.  Oven probe fluctuated between 210 and 220.  Once in the oven the meat temp dropped to 165.  I should have pre-heated the oven to 250.  It stalled @ 165 for 3 hours. (wife came home and checked it)  I added a second probe when I got home to make sure.  @ 2:00 they were 174 and 183.  I know they are both off a couple degrees, and I always pick a temp in between their readings.


Oven is riding @ 235.  I set it @ 240.  It is now 4:30 p.m., 16 hours later and the two meat probes read 189 and 195.


It's not done until the meat says it's done.

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So I'm a math idiot.  It was in for 20 hours at 4:30.  Not 16.


And it's 5:20, almost 21 hours, and it's a scant few degrees away. 

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I think the problem was partially my probing.  But, them meat SHOT UP pretty fast from 165 - 205 (by fast, it was 5 hours or so).  I took the meat off at 205F at 5pm, wrapped in foil and a towel for an hour.  Pulled at 6:30, sauced at 6:45 ate at 7:00 and had seconds at 7:05 :)  Tasted great!  Just need to be patient and let the meat do the talking.


UNFORTUNATELY no QView (I know, I know), we had family over visiting our new baby girl and they all loved the dinner.  There will be a scheduled Q-View next week!

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Originally Posted by michael ark View Post


Mine did.  Pics soon as I replace the batteries in my camera.

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Glad it came out good for you!

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