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Bacon Newb.

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Already typed this up once and somehow deleted it so this version will be shorter.

7 3/4lb pork belly from local butcher. ($20)

Got the dry cure recipe from Cowgirl's Blog, (Thanks Cowgirl!) Used it on half of the pork belly, an experimental one on the other half.

Cured 10 days. Used smokepistol / Cherry wood and 12 hrs in smoker @ 70-80 degrees.

I'm going to use the a-maze-n with cherry on the other half tonight.

I'll definetly do it again.







Test after 10 days







 In the smoke





Fianl Product





5 packages liced and ready for freezer!




Thanks for looking!





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only 5 packages???!!! hit.gif Nice work.  I am overdue for some bacon makin'!!!

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Looks real good from here!!!!



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Thanks guys, other half done and in freezer. (another 4 packages)

A-Maze-N worked great and very easy to use.

 I took some to work for the guys to sample... it went over very well.


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The bacon looks great!


Nice job!

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awesome looking bacon

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