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Brining Pork

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How many of you brine your butt's before you smoke them?


Do you brine say a pork tenderloin before you smoke it?


Is there a thread that can explain the pro's and con's of brining? When to brine when not to?


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Cfarley, why brine a Butt,they cook fine and are juicy as they are:

Betty 004.JPG


1.All I do is bring them home,unpackage them, Rub them in my stuff and throw them in the Smoker.

2.Pork Tenderloin, I sometimes wrap in Bacon and do it;then sometimes I go real slow(with this I use a Therm. probe) and go to 145*f and wrap and cooler.

3.Yes,look into the WIKI for them.


Hope this helps....and......

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some do...many don't. Some try it once just to see....agree with old schol above, tenderloins or loins do well with a bacon wrap and low heat....keeping a sharp eye on the IT

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I inject but that's me ,just remember the 4 hr rule.

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Sounds like the guys got you covered.

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Whats the 4 hour rule?

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Never  mind I looked it up.

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