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Long over due

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well after the million questions I've asked on this forum it's finally time to smoke some meat. yahoo.gif I was usually a grill enthusiast and two half years ago I got into smoking meats. My old weapon of choice was a Brinkmann smoker/grill. However, with the help and insight of many on here I am proud to say i will be doing this smoking run with my new 22" WSM. Every sauce and rub I will be using are made by me and not store bought rubs or sauce. I have spent over two years testing, trying, and altering to what I like and what others have liked, some are still in Beta (alterations). This smoking session is dedicated to my daughter's huge family birthday party this weekend, she will be turning three and I have a ton of people to feed! That's enough of that, let's get to the menu:

The menu for this even will be 40lbs. of bone in Boston Pork Butts from Sams that come cryogenic packed in twos. To also demo out some new smoking techniques I have decided to buy several pounds of chicken drums that will ONLY see the smoker and not be grilled. The chicken drums will be rubbed three ways, Kansas City Style, North Carolina Style and Jamaican Jerk style. The pork will he rubbed two ways, North Carolina style and Jerk.

Tomorrow I will upload all the pics of the prep I just did. I would upload them now but I can't on an iPad. biggrin.gif
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Shazam Nashville is too far of a drive for me to make it! You could throw your daughter and me a bday party! hahaha sounds like you are going to have a blast!! can't wait to see the pics and here the story icon14.gif

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Sounds like you have a great party planned.


Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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First I would like to say Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Congrats on the grill/smoker conversion. I love smoked food :-)


Last but not least, I think I can get to Nashville in about 3-1/2 hrs or so. 33.gif


Hope everything turns out great and will be waiting for Qview

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Go for it have fun and Happy Birthday

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Looking forward to seeing the qview on this one for sure

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Happy Birthday!

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Q VIEW Engaged





Fresh made Jerk Chicken with a ton of chilies.


Jerk Chicken Drums




My take on Kansas City Style rub 


Kansas City Chicken Drums




My take on North Carolina Style Chicken with a lot of Paprika 


North Carolina Style Chicken Drums










Jerk Pork that has been rubbed on one side, saran wrapped, massaged, flipped, saran wrapped again, massaged then foiled



Jerk Pork Butts







North Carolina Style Pork Butts that are a huge hit with friends and family.  I even sold 12lbs of this to friends.  So i must be doing something right, lol.


North Carolina Pork Butts

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A little teaser:


these were from my last smoke session at the beginning of the summer that i didnt post, so here are some pics.  AND YES these are TWO butts in EACH pan:


The three musketeers, from left to right:   Jerk, North Carolina, Kansas City pork butts.


The three musketeers




A pic i sent to friends to tease, lol.


Finished NC Q









Also some new toys from when i had my birthday two weeks back:



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Awesome, happy 3rd birthday little one.


Looks great.

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Now I'm confused,did he say it was his b-day or his lil' girl's? Me thinks he got excited and forgot the little one, after all he said,quote,"That's enough of that,let's get to the menu"confused.gif.


He may be the first Father to get spanked on his Daughter's B-daywife.gif.

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hmmm, you have def done your due dilligence on the rubs and marinades. Look awesome....make sure the b'day gal stays away from the Jerk...lol.

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happy birthday.....let's eat!!  32.gif

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Pork was put on at 9pm and I've maintained a perfect 200 the whole process. It's been 4 hours and I really want to take a peak but haven't taken the lid off not even once after I put the meat on.
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 Happy Birthday to your daughter. Looks great.

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Thanks guys! And to clarify my birthday was on the 10th and my daughters is on the 24th. Also, the time now is 5am and I just tempted the butts and they are around 150 after a solid 8 hour smoke, without looking till then! I will leave them on for another hour then foil and add the chicken.
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Some finished pics:


Chicken Finished


Chicken Finished


Chicken Duo








Boston Butt.jpg





shredded with some new bear claws


Shredded with bear claws.jpg



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i did learn a lot from this run.  The smoker maintained a temp from 200-225 so i was happy, i left all the bottom vents wide open.  The NC pork was great but i was really disappointed in the turn out of the jerk.  I know what i did wrong and i think next time i do jerk i will inject.  The chicken, next time i will just use a shaker instead of rolling the chicken in the rub because the rub was really strong.  ALSO, i learned that a 10lb butt will produce a finished 5lbs basically after the bone and fat trimming.  Glad i didnt sell too much, lol.  Im glad to say i broke even on the whole weekend and made a lot of people happy.  super.gif

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Everything looks good. Did you leave the chicken legs in the pans when you smoked them or did you put them right on the grate?

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smoked the chicken on the bottom next to the water pan of the WSM.  next time i might just smoke them in the pan

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