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I can order a Lang for my BDay! *Ordered* - Page 2

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Congrats you made a great choice....nice unit..

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Originally Posted by raymo76 View Post

Thanks for the input Bear. I have a non digital scale, I hardly use it though.


Thanks ptcruiser, been after my wife since 6th grade, got together a few years ago and never looked back.

The digital scale is more important when you start doing bacon---for measuring cure accurately.




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Oh ok thanks

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I believe this is scale Bear was referring to. I love it.



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Happy Birthday Raymo


Did the credit card arrive?

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Thanks Al! Yes the card arrived yesterday but I had to help my brother with some things so I just got off the phone with Ben right now. He's going to design a fold down prep-board and have to narrow up the axle. He's going to try and make it about 31.25" - 31.5" wide because it must clear a 32" door. He said he's happy they're custom making it for me because he said it will help other customers. He was telling me how someone sent him a video of them taking the tires off and jacking the unit up and just wiggling it through the door to make it work! So I'm excited! I figured it was cool to order my birthday gift on my birthday anyway! I asked him about the sausages, as did you Al, and he said it could do it no problem just the same as cold smoking. He said some people use some dry ice. They lift up the bottom grate, put some dry ice on the griddle (i forgot if he mentioned in a pan) and then used some wood chips for the fire. I must have been on the phone with him about 45 mins, always nice talking to him. I ordered some shirts from him a few weeks ago and they are comfy.





Thanks for the pic Alelover, I appreciate it.

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that is some pretty cool customer service. if I ever decide to get another smoker this guy is the top on my list. take some pics and good luck smoking on the new toy when it arrives.

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YEA!  Another Lang 36 owner on the forum.  Congrats


I don't know about the dry ice and all that stuff,  seems like a bit overkill.   Use the Lang for smoking and build a cheap cold smoker,  Remember all you need is a cardboard box, some wood dust an a hot plate or soldering iron.  Maybe a very small fire in the firebox similar to what you do in the cardboard box but I would think the reverse flow plate would work against you.   Oh well, another member to try stuff and see if it works.


I have a smoke house so I will leave it up to you to try the cold smoke in the Lang,  just let me know how it works so we can share it with whoever else is trying to make the decision.  Looks like Ben is bending (get it) over backwards for you.   A fold down prep table is a great idea,  would take less space in the garage.

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I love my 36. I have used it with and without a BBQ Guru. There is really no need for a Guru. I add a stick of wood every 50 min and my temp needle doesn't move. Reverse flow is where it is at. The finest BBQ I have ever smoked.

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