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Same Here!

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Thanks again for your kind gestures friends. Like Marty... I've never heard of the poll or the site before. I think this was something he stumbled upon, then threw my blog name in the ring.

I appreciate your kind comments and your friendships.  You amaze me!!


Marty, Crusty and SG.... 


 Thank you for all the recipes and info you share on your blog and on the MBs. Like these guys are saying, you're #1 in my book. It's great to be your neighbor!  wink.gif


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I think a few of us should bookmark the website in our Outlook calendar to catch it next year. Quite a few of us doing this would be nice, never know when pc's go down and loose info... Anyways if we can catch this and have our nomination in the beginning we will have as many days of voting as others and maybe get our cowgirl #1, #2 sure ain't bad with only about 4 days of voting time, we all done good for a deserving Cowgirl's Country Life!

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Thanks everybody!   It has been fun to watch.. I appreciate your friendships! 


I think they need to assign a new "badge" making person on that site. I couldn't use their voting badge on my site cause my blog wasn't listed as a contestant.  Today I wanted to post the vote result badge on my blog but they have me listed as "Mij"..... I sure don't feel like a Mij!

Not sure where they came up with that name. LOL  biggrin.gif


Thanks again, I appreciate you guys more than you know. cool.gif

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