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Cure question

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I don't have easy access to Cure#1 in my area (i looked everywhere) and I don't want to use tenderquick because I am using Pops brine recipe.  Now what I did come across is Lem brand Cure which seems to be pretty close (maybe more salt) and I'm wondering if I use that instead if that would be okay.


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I just made mine using TQ and it came out great !!!!!

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If these are what you are describing, Pops will have to chime in here to let you know how to adjust his recipe.. If you have a butcher shop near-by, you might ask them for some cure#1 or fascimile...

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Read the ingredient list on the cure.  Cure 1 is 6.25% nitrite and about 93.75% salt,  there is some red food coloring added to make the cure pink.  If you are using a cure mix follow the directions on the mix.  We do not suggest making substitutions.  You can order Cure 1 from any number of sausage supply places on the internet. 

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Says its Salt, Sodium Nitrate (6.25%), red food coloring and less than 2% sodium silico aluminate added as a processing aide.



Looks like pretty much the same thing but I don't know what silico aluminate is

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Prevents caking.  Sounds like Cure 1 to me.  Good luck

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Yup, sounds like Cure #1


Does the package look like this:




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yes sir... I picked up 2 for good measure.  So that when I cure a whole pig I'm ready! haha

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I can buy a pound for almost the price of this 4 oz. package....Go Figure!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I pay $2.99 for a pound of cure #1 in pittsburgh.

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Everywhere online it was like 4 bucks for a lb of cure, but like 10 dollars shipping. It cost me 50 cents in gas to get the cure in a store so I think I came out ahead

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yea, paying all that money to ship what is basically salt is kind of aggravating.   I try to order a years supply of whatever I will be needing to make shipping as affordable as possible.  I can't start my truck for 50 cents icon_cry.gif so you did good.

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yes, that's the right stuff, depends on how much you use, a 1 lb bag will last me a year or more, you don't need much!  


ordering on the net there is a tradeoff - money for convenience.  I order must everything from Butcher Packer and trust their product.  I've paid more than my share in shipping, but I trust and value their products so to me it's worthwhile and I don't have to move further than my wallet to order anything.  Seeings how I'm usually up at 3;30 am for work, that's a good thing!


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Yes sir... I picked up 2 for good measure.  So that when I cure a whole pig I'm ready! haha


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Roller, would you mind telling me how much Morton Tender Quick you use per pound of pork Bellie. I have a 10.5 pound pork bellie that I want to do a wet brine on, I will be using approx 3 gal. of water.


I have the pork bellie cut into 4 pieces so it will fit in my brine container. The 3 gal of water is what it took to cover the bellie.


I do not have cure #1 as of yet, but plan to buy some from Butcher Packer soon.

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