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First bacon

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I just purchased 11lb belly. Do you trim of the rind or leave it on while curing and smoking?
I cant find a store that carries any cure? Can anyone recomend a source? I live on the north shore of boston

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I trim the rind, but some guys leave it on. 

IMHO - Trimming it now, will give better cure & Smoke penetration

Besides, your gonna trim it sooner or later!


Any butcher supply store will have it, or ask for some at your local butcher shop.

Where did you get the belly?

Go back and ask them for some Cure #1.

     4oz. will cure 100# Meat

     1oz. will cure 25# Meat


Do you have a Cabelas, Bass Pro or Gander Mountain around?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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What Todd said!

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