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Just picked up a case of japs to use in pepper jelly.

 I have seen the colors from green to orange and red in japs.

 This batch had a bunch that were going from green to a dark purple, almost black.

Is this just another color phase or a different varity of pepper???

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The very last color phase is purple

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Actually the last color phase is red.  They will start off green and go from dark green to purple then finally red. 


I actually let me plants go to red because they taste much better in my opinion and the heat is more obvious.

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Anyway to get picked green ones to turn red? we can only get green ones here and they just shrivel up and get nasty if you leave them out to ripen. But man them red ones I see look delicious.


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I guess the cultivar and your location are important.  When I grow them the red ones are pretty soft and I usually dont harvest them.  Seems the majority of mine once they get purple start to rot.  But I am looking at some of my jalapeno relish that I put up and I do see some pieces of red jalapeno in there so I have cooked with them,

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Mine start green turn purple/black then go to red my Red Bell Peppers do the same

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These just seemed to go from green to purple . Had a bunch of red and orange in the case. Don't like the purple ones for making jelly as it looks like you have burnt pieces in the jelly.

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I agree Bob I don't use anything but green ones for jelly personally. I had to pick a bunch of jalapenos today about a full 5 gal bucket of them and there were some green others purple/black and quite a few red ones.

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The ones we have been getting here in So Ca go straight from green to red. I have a bunch dehydrating in the kitchen window for the last two weeks getting the morning sun. Will be grinding them up into powder then into some smoked salt for some great jalapeno salt. 

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how long do you dehydrate I've tried they get soft then rot.

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depending on the type of equipment you have it can take as long as a day or 2.  I dehydrate about 20lbs a year and what I do is half each pepper and fill it up on 7 trays and let it run for a little over a day until they are crispy.  If you don't half them first it will take a LONG time.


I have about 8 lbs of Choc Habs picked in the last 4 weeks that I have to do this weekend.

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You can halve and dehydrate in your oven also. just lay the halves on a cookie sheet and put in the oven on as low a temp as you can . Turn every so often. till done . DO NOT try to grind them in the house:(

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