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I fell off my sausage box and cant get up.


Everything packed and nothing to smoke





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Don't expect any of your neighbors to help you up----"It's not nice to leave PA & take all of your sausages with you !!!!!!"




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Congrats on finishing the packing.  I can't imagine having to pack up all your toys!


Good luck and good smoking.

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good luck with the move.  have a safe trip.

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Put a couple of hickory chunks on the exhaust manifold.... suspend some links from the hood... lunch will be ready at the next rest area... hahahahaha...

if you can get by the state patrol.... Dave

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Travel safe

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Safety on the road and at least you get to go to a new place and

build a new set up and smokin' area. Think of the House warming

smoke to kick off the new digs, good luck...James

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Are we there yet? th_dunno-1[1].gif

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I bet the smokers are the first thing out of the truck!

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Maybe they got him??



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Those people in Georgia dont know what they are in for !!!!!!!   Safe trip !!!!!

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