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brining partially frozen chickens? (with Q-View tomorrow!)

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I'm fully expecting that these may not absorb the brine quite right, but this is the situation I'm in.  I rarely get weekend days off, and when I found out I could take tomorrow off, I grabbed a couple whole birds out of the freezer, along with a prime rib roast I had in there.  That was Thursday.  I get home tonight from work, check my fridge, and...still frozen solid.  like hard.  Like they'd never come out of the freezer.  I got them in some water to help speed up the thawing process, but now it's time that I need to get the brine made, and there is still a block of ice in the cavity of the bird.  Here goes nothing!


I made this brine up on the spot, so we'll see how it goes:


1.5 gallons water

.5 gallons apple juice

1 3/4 c Kosher

1 3/4 c brown sugar

1 tbsp Garlic Powder

1 tbsp Onion Powder

1 tbsp paprika

1 tsp cayenne 

about 10 whole black peppercorns


I was just working with what I had....hope it turns out!  Thoughts?

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Your 'block of ice' inside won't brine, but the brine itself should help thaw them out a little though so it could help.  Flip and massage them to work out the 'frozeness' as much as you can; even an hour with unfrozen meat fibers in brine will help spread flavor and extra moisture throughout the bird. 

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well, it had thawn out nicely this morning, so hopefully all is well.  Unfortunately it's raining, and I don't have suitable cover for my WSM to make this, instead of Q-view, you get Oven View!  I know, not the same, but I promised pr0n, so here it is....


Going in the 300 oven....


6159266902_7b2b8acd7b (1).jpg


On the right is using the smoking guns mild rub, and the left is 3 little pigs kansas city sweet, these are 2 of my wife's favorites....

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How'd they turn out?

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Must have had  to go back to work...

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