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Cornish Hens & Whole Chickens Q-view

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Alright so I wanted to surprise my wife with a nice "fancy" dinner so I decided I would cook up some hens. To my surprise my wife has never had them, so that was cool. They came out delicious, I cooked them to a breast IT of 165 as suggested. Same goes for the whole chickens, I cooked them the same way. Along with the dinner I buttered up some french bread and put them in the toaster oven to get crunchy. I threw in some white rice and veggies in the rice cooker/steamer, and then threw on some Bush's beans over the stove. I wish I had some disposable foil trays so I could have done the beans in the smoker like I did the baked potatoes. Well I'll not make this such a heavy Q-View as the past, enjoy.





So thin the camera hardly picked it up.








I must have had the camera on a small setting sorry for the small pics.

*no just click the photo's and they come up bigger, some new setting? I'm not sure, hope you like.

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Looks fan-dang-delicious!  Nice smoke! 


You can also get yourself a small cast iron dutch oven instead of those foil pans....  Goes great in the smoker!  And those beans pick up plenty of smoke.

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Ooooh good tip on the cast iron dutch oven, I'll have to find one would be cheaper than constantly buying disposables. We have a fancy looking one that was a wedding gift, its white I believe. I don't think my wife would appreciate me putting that in the smoker.

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You need a bigger plate if your going to keep smoking like that...Nice job it looks just great !!!!

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Wow this looks like a great meal .nice color on these birds.

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Great looking meal!

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Thanks for the compliments fella's. I keep trying to show the wife I've earned a Lang biggrin.gif except I want a super pimped out 48 mobile hahaha. Go big or go home right?


I definitely need a bigger plate, that was so much food. I ended up eating 3 slices of bread, 2 servings of beans, and almost ate the whole bird. Just tapped out at the end of one of the breasts. When I pulled it off the bone for left overs it made me laugh how little was left. My wife she ate her initial plate and half a bird which is a lot for her and she was happy with the meal :-).


Well, thanks for looking.

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