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Cornish Hens question

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Hey gang, I never smoked cornish hens and I want to surprise my wife with a nice dinner tonight, so I was going to do the hen's beans and baked potatoes. Anyway I've done some searches and saw that the suggested IT is 165*, I brought my chickens up to 175* why 10* less for the hens? The packaging says bring to an IT of 180*.


Thanks for your help gents. I figure it should only take about 3 hours to cook so I'm going to thrown them on around 2, its 10:45 right now.

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It's 165 in the breast, 175 in the thigh, Some take them to 180.

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If you smoke it to IT of 165 the carry over will take you past 170 when you tent it and rest it.


Here is a link to the revised temp charts

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Thank you gents. Hey do you guys figure some white rice and steamed veggies will go good with this meal?

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there is also a newsletter in the archives about them

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Alright cool, I just went out and bought a bunch of Chickens and a package of thighs. Last day at 99c / lb. Got a couple of family orders I have to fulfill, saw just after I started this thread the sale was going on so I jammed out and picked some up. So I'll be smoking 3 chickens and 2 hens.

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165 is a minimum.  For thighs we like the texture better at 175, like Al noted.  Cooking whole birds precisely is tricky because the breast can dry out by the time you get the thigh where you like it.


Good luck and good smoking.

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