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Need to vent non bbq.

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Just need as place to vent and ask for prayers at the same time.  Last night i was informed that CPS was removing my niece from my brothers house and placing her in ours.  Years of addiction for my brother and his wife have torn this little 5 year old girl up and I am glad and frustrated at the same time.  Another child in the house is going to be tough we already have a 6th grader,  1st grader and a preschooler throw in a Kindergartner and it is a lot of responsibility and stress.  Need to go buy school clothes, feed her, make sure she is safe and at the same time give our kids the time they deserve.  Some people need to grow up and realize their decisions effect more people than just themselves.   May need to bbq some yard bird to relieve some stress and welcome her into our house this weekend.    

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Your a good man Ecto. I'm sure it will work out for you.

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My wife works CPS ECTO1 and every time hear these stories it breaks my heart. Hang in there and make sure your family makes that little girl feel special. and your children understand the special things we all do for family, in this case not so much for your brother, but for this young girl who had know choice in the matter.


You are a stand up family for taking this on.



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Good luck,  hope losing his kids wakes your brother up

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You know she'll end up being loved just like one of your own!

The love and stability you give her today, will pay of 1,000 times in the future, for both her and your family!!

I believe in Karma My Friend, and someday you will see the benefits of your sacrifices today!!!


Thanks for stepping up My Friend!






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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Good luck,  hope losing his kids wakes your brother up

Yes hope it wakes him up for sure,  You and your family will be in our prayers for strength and guidance.  


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The same thing happened to me when I was about the same age due to neglect. My uncle also took me in. 35 years later I call him DAD & he is the most influential person in my life. I can never thank him enough!!

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kudos to ya ecto...... your doing the right thing here.... look at it this way.......Instead of being just an uncle, your now a new dad.............icon14.gif




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Heartbreaking, prayers sent.Remember all you need is love .

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Think positive and dwell on the best parts of it. Four kids is more fun than three! You are literally saving a life, and getting her early before too much damage is done and having your existing kids as her role models will be a huge help.


This is one situation where positive thinking really does work. It will influence how the kids see it and how they fare and make the overall challenge that much more doable.


God bless you for taking her in.

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You and your family will be in our prayers for strength and guidance. Karma has a way with people. Good Luck and God Bless you for doing this..

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Bless you for taking in and helping the little angel.


I cannot say that I know how you feel, but I understand.  I have an aunt who is in the same situation with her two grandsons (1st and 4th graders) and trying to make it on her retirement.  We have always been there to help her out by taking them off of her hands now and again.  To give her a little vacation last Christmas I took both of them for a week and I taught them how to make all sorts of cookies and other treats.  I was going to take them this past summer and introduce them ti the fine art of BBQ, but they went with a different relative.


You will be in my families thoughts, and we will hope that your family will be able to help out like we have with ours.

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Just remember that she is 5 and there is no telling how much if any love she has been shown. She may act up for a while untill she settles in and understands that there is love for her in your home and family but along w/ that love comes discipline.

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You're a good man ECTO. I hate to see kids suffer because of the stupidity & neglect of their parents. I know it will be tough, I have 3 kids of my own, but one day you will be rewarded for making a difference in this kids life. You have all my respect sir. Good luck.

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Hey man good on ya for stepping in there. She is going to see what a real life is like thanks to you and your family. Lots of work but well worth it in the end. She is going to make you laugh and cry but the end is worth it. 

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thumb1.gif  It will be tough, but years from now, you will be very happy with your decision to take her in!

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Your a good man and you were just handed the most precious resource on this planet.


You can give her the guidance she needs.


I just thank god that there are people like you in the world and the world would be a much better place if there were more.


You will make it work and your children will grow up with the same compassion and unselfishness as Mrs. Ecto1 and yourself


You will sleep good, I know I would.

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Thanks for all the kind words it is not final yet. The mother is the wild card if she does not agree CPS may have to make this little girl a ward of the state.  They have both been found unfit to leave the child with so all she will do is hold up the process.  I think the hardest part will be the supervised visits we will have to abide by.  I don't think I am doing anything that everyone here would not due themselves.  I teach in a very rough neighborhood here in Houston and see kids that get thrown from house to house and they need attention.      

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There is nothing that I can say that hasn't been said. Hopefully, someone who

reads your thread will wake up themselves if it is happening to them. Your road

has just now opened up a new lane. A bigger lane to travel life on with this new



I truly believe ECTO1 you will be rewarded beyond belief for this, that's Carma

for you. The only drawback is not knowing how long the conflict will last and

where it will lead in the future. Be strong, diligent, and loving, but most of all,

be the leader you have shown yourself to be...you will not fail.



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Hope it all works out with the new development. The mother should do what's best for the girl and her being a ward of the State isn't it. You're being a stand up guy and will be rewarded somewhere along the way. Sincerely hope they can kick this crap and get their lives back. Sad to say this goes on everywhere....anybody caught dealing this shit outta have a minimum 25 years on a chain gang with no parole. Affects a lot many more than just those addicted.

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