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temp probe access

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I think I remember reading somewhere that one way to create a temp probe access in a wsm is by cutting a slot in the top edge of the mid section. If anyone out there in q-land has done this successfully, I'd appreciate details...even pics if you have them. Thanks. 

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You go to Home Depot & get a lamp repair kit.


It will come with a 1/2" long brass nipple & 2 brass nuts.


If they don't have the 1/2 size, just get a longer one & cut it with a hack saw.


You just drill a hole the size of the nipple, slide it in & put a nut on each side.


You can easily get 3 probe wires through the hole.


If you search WSM mods, there are several threads on this with photo's.

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Thanks. I did that but the inside diameter of the nipple is not large enough to accommodate the probe of the E85, which has a fairly large collar between the base of the probe and the wire. 

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I would take the probe to the nearest hardware store - not Home Depot, Lowes, etc...  but a hardware store. The kind where the old guy has been there forever, gimpy and half blind but has EVERY answer for EVERY question and he is RIGHT 100% of the time. He will not only know what will work for you, but also he will know right where it is!   Good luck!







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Sadly, we haven't had one of those great old hardware stores around my part of Texas since I was a teenager -- many, many moons ago.

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This video shows it:  I put a slit in my weber kettle for my probe wires and put a piece of felt around the probes to fill the gap.

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