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Hello from Bixby!

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Hello All,


My name is Jason and I live in Bixby, OK.  I received my first smoker about 10 years ago for Christmas from my Father--n-Law. It was a Brinkman vertical smoker with the water pan. I used it until the fire pan was rusted and burned through and I have not had a smoker for about the last 7 years or so.  My buddies I work with have started this annual BBQ fest in the culdesac of their neighborhood last year. I was not able to participate since I was lacking a smoker, "duh" so I began to watch for a horizontal offset on craigslist.


My buddy texted me last weekend on an awesome Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn smoker for $50! I could not pass it up! So I've spent the last week removing all of the rust and restoring the smoker and it now looks brand new. I am waiting for the new spring handles I purchased on Ebay.  I will post pictures soon of the restoration once I get all of the parts.  I plan on using it this weekend and I cannot wait.


I wanted to learn about smoking meat and the different techniques involved with temperatures, rubs vs sauce, wood types or when to use foil.  Bixby has a BBQ fest every year in the spring and you try all kinds of the best BBQ from the surrounding states and each BBQ pit master has their own techniques. So I am intrigued to read about how everyone approaches the smoker and crafts their art form of smoking meat.


Novice Smoker,



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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Welcome...we like before and after pics...

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Welcome aboard!


Go Sooners.  Win the Big 12!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks Venture for the confidence. The real test will be Saturday on the road at Florida State.

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welcome1.gif  you will find all kinds of information on this site!!

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Tulsa is in desparate need of good "Q", maybe you can be the one!

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

Welcome...we like before and after pics...


Here ya go Roller! Before and after pics like you requested!







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Thanks BigBob73 for the post!


You are right, if someone asked me where to get good "Q" around here I would not know where to tell them to go. What a shame.

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welcome aboard!

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welcome1.gif A lot can be learned here.

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