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I never got mine ether


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I just called the number listed by eman in the first post and told them I had not recieved one. She told me it would go out in todays mail.

The number - 1-800-551-9066


Hope it helps

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They took my order.

Originally Posted by Terry Irvine View Post

someone call and get one for me - doubt they would ship a free book to canada :P


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Thanks eman, just left my name and address on their voicemail.  439.gif

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Thanks eman......   I'm in .....  Dave

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Thanks E-man. They said it would go out in tommoros
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Free Tony Chacheres cookbook update

Called 3 days ago, came in the mail today.

Nice little cookbook, about 15pages worth.

Can't wait to try some of this stuff.

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Got mine today
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Got mine.
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Got it ! Called spoke to a lady and received it two days later.
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Time to call again.....

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Called today.  Should be in the mail today.

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Just discovered this thread today, 04AUG12, so took a shot at it.. They took my order for the free cookbook..


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