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Welcome Andrew!!!


That red one will be easier to find at night! biggrin.gif


I gotta agree with Dtcunni, in post #2.




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Welcome to SMF. There are some very helpful people here so don't be afraid to ask questions. And post Qviews icon_biggrin.gif

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Well i'm a few hours into my first smoke and i've only hit a couple snags.  


I'm having a little trouble figuring out the best way to generate smoke.  


At first i was just putting the wood down on the lava rocks, but i didn't really like how that was working out so I went out and got a cheap pie tin at walmart.  


That worked great at first but eventually the wood started putting out bad white smoke.  i opened the door and with the added oxygen it caught fire.  At first the flames worried me, but i let it burn itself out and now the smoke is very nice.  


So i guess my question is: What is the best way to avoid the white smoke? or will it do that every time?

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