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Brisket for My Students w/ Q-view

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My quarterly smoke-off competition with my department chair was canceled last week due to some scheduling conflicts (I think my boss just chickened out a39.gif); however, I decided that was no reason to deprive my students of the promised brisket.  I provide the brisket -- they provide the sides, etc.  I picked up a 13# packer...




I did something new in an attempt to cut the cook time and add more smokey goodness: I separated the point and the flat.  I usually smoke these puppies whole, so I am interested to see if there is any difference in the cook & the final product.  I rubbed with Rudy's and black pepper and am smoking at 235* with a combo of hickory and ash woods.  Here we are at the stall as of 11 pm:




Been there for nearly an hour now.  A total of 4.5 hours into the cook:




I'm going to try another twist that worked really well with my last batch of PP: I plan on setting these in momma's crock pot on the low setting rather than foiling and finishing in the oven (as it will be a long night & I do not wish to disturb the neighbors with my smoker's creaky hinges at 2 or 3 am!).  It's gonna be a night of interrupted sleep for sure...


Stay tuned for the final result and the post final examination feast!  More Q-view to come!

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Looking good !!!  popcorn.gif

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Looks great so far!

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Them's Purdy !!!!





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man oh man those are looking good!

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Nice color! Lets see some slices!

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Now for the rest of the story:


11 hours total cook time, so splitting the flat and point did not significantly reduce the cook time; however, I believe there was more smoky flavor due to the greater surface area available to the smoke.  It was on smoke for six hours (when it hit 165* temp):




then I moved everything into the crock pot.




One fine advantage to using the crock pot was the perfect collection of juices after the cook (saved for a future adventure, of course yahoo.gif):




Another advantage was serving; I used the crock pot as a warmer and serving vessel for our lunch.  Below is a pic of the first part shredded.  Everything went back into the crock after pulling.




Two of my students are vegetarians, so I made them each a stuffed portabello mushroom.  3 cheeses (motz, cheddar and parm.), onion, seasonings, Italian bread crumbs, a fresh slice of garden tomato, and about a 70 minute smoke.  I pierced the mushroom cap with a knife tip to let moisture drain away during the smoke.  Here they are packaged up and ready for transport.




The meal was a huge success.  Everyone brought side dishes (delicious!!) and those students hammered the brisket.  My 2 "special" misguided kids loved the mushrooms, too.  We even had some poachers (previous students who got wind of the events and attached themselves to our party cool.gif).  All-in-all, it was a great day, and a great way to wind up the term! 


Thanks for looking!

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I can see why they attached themselves  to the party!


Looks awesome



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That looks pretty darn good...I have never finished in a crock pot but may have to try it.
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James  As usual you do a great meal and this smoked brisket looks yummy and juicy.

thanks .

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It looks just awesome James.


I bet you have a waiting list for your class!

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That looks awesome James!!!!


So into the Crock Pot, instead of foiling----Set on High, Med, or Low?---And for how long before pulling?



One more----Did you add a few ounces of juices like we do when we foil?



Thanks James----I gotta try this!!!!





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looks good from here just need to work on the misguied

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Looks amazing. I really like what you did for the "other two'...LOL  the mushrooms look good and I like the idea of adding tomato on it also

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

It looks just awesome James.


I bet you have a waiting list for your class!

Thanks for the kind words, Al!  It's a mandatory class, so everyone in the curriculum has to get by me before they finish. icon_eek.gif



Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

That looks awesome James!!!!  Thanks!!


So into the Crock Pot, instead of foiling----Set on High, Med, or Low?---And for how long before pulling?  Started on low b/c I couldn't remember previously tested crock pot cook temps pot.gif; I gotta start writing more of these things down! hit.gif Didn't do much for a couple of hours, so I bumped it to high.  About a total of 5 hours in the crock.  I figured it's like foiling without maintaining a smoker or heating up the entire oven (and by extension -- the kitchen on an already warm night) all night.  Probably more energy efficient, too (sound a bit like a greenie, right?  Trust me -- I'm not that gullible-- I just like to keep a few more pennies in MY pocket!!!  thumb1.gif )



One more----Did you add a few ounces of juices like we do when we foil?  No, but I usually don't anyway.  Never goes dry, either.  I guess it would add some flavor???  Or do you do it strictly for added moisture?



Thanks James----I gotta try this!!!!  Worked like a charm!!!  Nice to be able to school YOU a bit, for a change.  Seems like your always the one helping ME!  I feel like I'm finally giving you something back!! LOL!






Originally Posted by sunman76 View Post

looks good from here just need to work on the misguied

Thanks!  This is CA -- too many "misguided" ones who have been far too misguided to help!  They did look at my brisket a little wistfully, though!  icon_mrgreen.gif


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Thanks James !

I always get something back when I help you guys!


I don't add too much juice to mine, but it mixes well with the meat juices to extend the Au Jus (never seem to have enough---LOL).

I mainly asked to see if it needs the added moisture, and you answered that.




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That looks great James. Wish I had a teacher like you when I went to school. I have used a slow cooker before to heat up a smoked chuckie I did last New Years with some beef broth. Some guests said it was the best meat I served. I had prime rib and rottisserie pork loin and homemade italian sausage too. The slow cooker can be a good thing sometimes.

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I'll just throw this out there...I've had better success with cooking the flat and point separate.  Flavor, smoke ring, tenderness, etc., have turned out better when separated.


Wonder what I am missing when doing a whole packer?


James--are you sold on cooking separate now or will you go back to whole packers?

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