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Do comments about cooking Bison belong in the beef section or the wild game section?  Bison is almost all commercially harvested and I don't think of it as wild game.  A little help.


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Well, it sure isn't fish, pork or poultry. pot.gif

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I'd say post it either and it will get looked at.sure know it would intrest me.
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We wish is was wild game!

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When it comes out good, I couldn't care where you post it?  I just want to see it!


Good luck and good smoking.

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X2 on the wild.....

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Sounds like beef to me.

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round here its wild..

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Originally Posted by coffee_junkie View Post

round here its wild..

funny...round here its LUNCH.



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All you Bison guys,  we are trying to locate some for SELA   any ideas or good sources that can ship to us.  We can get it at Whole Foods but chuck is about 9 bucks a pound,  is that about right?

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