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I think I am done with foiling my pork butts. So sick of the mush.

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I have smoked many pork butts and I have always been a foiler  and I have  liked my results but lately I am getting so sick of the soft mushy bark I have been getting. Normally I will foil it around 165-175 and the end result will be soft bark but yesterday I did two and they were really soft. So soft that all of the bark went into  the garbage because it was nothing but soft snot. Maybe I just over did it with the liquid in the foil I'm not sure? Like I said I will normally foil them up around 170ish so that some good bark has formed but yesterday I had things going on so I foiled them at 160-165 and the end result unacceptable in my book. I suppose foiling them at 165 when there wasn't a huge amount of bark formed yet could have also contributed to the soft outer layer.  The next butt I do I  am not going to foil it and see what happens. I have never been a big fan of super think bark so I think that is why I have always foiled them so this should be an interesting experiment running them unfoiled the whole time. I however will foil them once they are done and let them rest in the cooler with towels.


I know lots of you guys/gals don't foil at all so I think it's time for me to give it a shot.

I had an upset stomach and I was pissed of about the outcome of the bark so I didn't even try any of the pulled pork but the wife did  and she said it was awesome so it must still taste good as usual so that makes me feel a bit better.



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My last two butt smokes and my last brisket I quit foiling and I really love the result and my next batch of ribs I'm not foiling them.

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I stopped foiling for that same reason as well.  Since then I haven't looked back.  My butt's took a little bit longer, but for me, the end results are well worth the extra wait.  Good luck!

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I may give that a try....

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

I may give that a try....


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I am still new too smoking but have not tried the foil method yet.  I have done about 4 pork buts, shoulders and  2 hams.  My wife loves the crispy bark and I should note, my 2 little Shih Tzu's do also :)  I just brush with a little sauce before I let it rest if someone wants it a little softer.

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That would be my guess, too much liquid when you foiled. I do a light spritz, then wrap. No over kill and although the bark might be soft, it is not bad. I really don't care for crunchy bark.

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If you need to foil to save time, you can foil, get to the temp you are looking for, then unfoil and put back in the put to firm up your bark.

I am in the no foiling camp unless I am really pressed for time. Have never had an issue.

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I also do not foil

only in a dire emergency when I run out of time for some reason

if I foil a butt after it is done I will not put any additional juice or spritz on it

I use some finishing sauce after I pull it and love the crispy bark


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Foil is for meth heads and left overs.Q has been around a few hundred years befor foil.yahoo.gif

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I have done one of each.  I like them both.

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Stopped foiling about 1 year ago, never looked back!

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    I admit I tried the foil thingy and didn't get the results I liked so I went back to naked meat in the smoker for the entire time it's cookingdrool.gif, I don't need open my Smoker to do anything,just feed the Fire.biggrin.gif My results are,well.....

Betty 004.JPG  and my meat is nice and juicyfirst.gif

Betty 012.JPG with a nice Bark.Notice the foil,unwrinkled and flat,the bone pulled out and I just mashed it to show the tenderness and juiceyahoo.gif.

   The Oldschool way,icon14.gif still standsbanana_smiley.gif.Just sayin'.................

have fun and,

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You da Man, Stan!

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non foiler while cooking here as well.....love the bark.

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I used to foil as well. Cuts some time, but the texture does suffer. I can't even remember the last butt I foiled...we like no foil better.

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I foil my ribs but not my pork shoulders. I think ribs need a little acidic steam bath to loosen up where there is so much juice/ fat on the inside of a pork shoulder I don't think they need any help.... Just my 2 cents. Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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foil, what is that    grilling_smilie.gif

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After reading all the responses I think I am going to try no foil on my butt this weekend!!


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Ross I feel your pain,


I do not foil and for the life of me could never figure out why folks add liquid when they do foil, there is so much liquid still in the butt at this point.


If you don't want a tremendously heavy bark, try running your temps lower about 225°- 235 ° that and go light on the rub and no mopping, I am sure you will be happy with the results.


The only time I foil is when I do not want a bark when doing my Philly style pulled pork and my Porrchetta-Italian Market Place Pulled Pork.

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