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Pulle dpork

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I have an annual clambake coming up next weekend and Ive been nominated to smoke a few prok butts.

Never doneit before so in my research Ive noticed it will require about 12 hrs to do.

Is there a way to do this in two stages without affecting the outcome or do I need to do this all at once.

The issue being wew will probably eat around 4ish and I cant set up in the park at 4am!!

Thanks for the help


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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



Smoke them and pull them the day before & reheat the PP for the party.



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Thanks for the reply Al!

I had that thought but needed confirmation.

I appreciate it


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I am real new to this smoking business, but I can tell you what I have discovered over the past few weeks with doing pork butt or shoulders. And from reading the post about doing the same. There just aint no way in heck you can smoke butt or shoulder and serve it for dinner on the same day. Unless you start at mid-night of the same day. Like as if Al needs another to agree with him. But I will say that I agree anyway.

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X3...And Welcome.....

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Weclome to the forum.  There is a "Sticky" in the Pork Forum with the basic method for smoking Pulled Pork.   You could cut down the time by using smaller cuts of meat.  For example, I smoked two 4.5lb boston butts for the 4th of July.  It took just under 9 hours to get them to 205*. Smoked and pulled them the day before, then re-heated them the next day.  The results were excellent.  Unless you are planning on dinner around 7pm, its very difficult to smoke, pull and eat the same day, unless you start the night before (but you need to have ultimate trust in your smoker - Like Smoking Al and is Weber with BBQ Guru).  And don't forget the finishing sauce!

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