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Teriyaki Jerky Nuggets

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I found this recipe on another forum from a guy named Muebe. I started with marinating 4 pounds of beef stew meat in Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce and a little less than a teaspoon of cure #1 and 1 tablespoon of Cayenne pepper powder.




I mariated them for about 16 hours overnight then put them in my Bradley smoker and gave them 2 hours of Pecan smoke.




After 6 hours in the smoker I gave them a shellacking of the Teriyaki sauce and popped them back in the smoker for another couple hours.




See you when there done smile.gif

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I pulled about 3/4 of the batch and am going to let the bigger hunks have another hour but here they are all done.





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They look yummy!

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Aaron my friend.


Looks yumm good



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I've had some stew meat sitting in my freezer for a while now... Didn't even think of this. I'll need to give it a shot!
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They sure look good, but thr clan round here would have 4 pounds gone in 1 day!

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They do look good and what temp did you smoke them at ?

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Tasty Looking...What is the Texture/Chew like?...JJ

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Looks great and made my mouth water like crazy!  So, how'd they taste???????

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