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assembly complete on Masterbuilt XL. now what?

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suffering from information overload. there is nothing in the owners manual about doing any type of curing.  was just going to fire it up with some chips and run it for 4 hours or so. is there anything I should be doing first? after?


thanks in advance,

Joe p

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Joe, I'm not a MB user,but IMHO,I would at least spray with Pam a couple or three times and get a good seasoning on it; or do a Fatty or a small Butt or Chicken. This will be the oild you will be getting in there anyhow. Just sayinghelp.gifThe MB guys will be by soon and help more,meanwhile.....

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Like Stan says, spray it down with Pam,. put some wood in it & let her rip!

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Hey Joe,

 I just picked one of these up a couple weeks ago.It seemed they allrady had a layer of oil on mine.But I went ahead and used some cooking oil and rubbed i all over the inside.A lot of people use pam and just spray but I didn't have any.Then I threw in a few chunks and let them smoked and repeated the process for about 3 hours at a temp around 250.You will soon find out the wood pan is a joke.The wood kept on catching fire.There are plenty of mods on this site for that issue.

                    I myself just hammered the holes closed on it and it seems to work great.Hated to beat something that was brand new but it works.Another issue has been the small waterpan.It just doesnt last long at all.People have used lasanga pans from wally world to stainless catering pans you can find on ebay.Over all really happy with mine.The temp is easy to keep steady and there is plenty of room for your food.I have smoked jerky,ribs,pork steaks so far and have been pleased with the results.Smoking chicken thighs  tomorrow for labor day.If you have any other questios don't hesitate to ask!  Josh


P.S Hey what south burbs you from?I live near lowell IN.Also here is a link to what a lot of people have done to theres. 

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I live near Alsip. right off 294 where the water tower and tri-state swap-o-rama is! lol


I have made my mod list looking through that thread before I bought the thing. I will be nagging the forum for advice frequently as I try to perfect my smoking and cooking skills. it's going to be the best winter yet :)

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