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Baby backs on the old Weber Kettle

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I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could keep the temp down around 225 in my Weber Kettle and smoke some BB's. I had a nice rack in the freezer from Sam's. Thawed them out & did the yellow mustard coat & just a simple rub of: Raw sugar, onion & garlic powder, & cracked black pepper. Set up the kettle with indirect heat & the minnion method. Put 1 chimney of unlit coals with hickory chunks mixed in & put 10 lit coals on top. Cut the ribs in half & put them in a rib rack with the bone side facing the heat. Smoked them for 2.5 hours, then foiled with Chef JJ's foiling sauce recipe with bbq sauce as an added ingredient. ( Thanks JJ the sauce is very good! ) Then back on the grill for the last half hour. I let the temp get up around 275 - 300 the last 1/2 hour to get a crust on the outside. They came out the way everyone here likes ribs, fall off the bone tender. They would not win any BBQ comps, but Judy loves them that way, so I guess you know what I do. Here's a photo of the grill setup:



9-1-11 ribs 1.JPG9-1-11 ribs 2.JPG



Ribs are rubbed & ready to go on!                                                                     The fire is going good!



9-1-11 ribs 3.JPG9-1-11 ribs 4.JPG



The thin blue is rolling!                                                                             The temp is stabilized!



9-1-11 ribs 5.JPG9-1-11 ribs 6.JPG



Done with the foil & back on the grill!                                                                   Ready to slice!



9-1-11 ribs 7.JPG9-1-11 ribs 8.JPG



They even have a smoke ring!                                                                           They are sooooo tender & juicy!



9-1-11 ribs 9.JPG9-1-11 ribs 10.JPG



Add a little more of JJ's sauce & it's time for a couple of beers & some ribs! Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed the show!



9-1-11 ribs 11.JPG             

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Those look perfect Al !!!!-----I'll be right down!!!


Glad to see you rinsed the bluejean lint off of them first.  biggrin.gif



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You crack me up Bear!



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drool.gifLook Great Al

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Those Ribs look awesome! As If, you have ever had a bad run!  I'm really glad you like the FOILING JUICE...I was hoping to get some feedback on that one. Thanks...JJ

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Thanks Terry!


JJ, Thanks again for the sauce recipe, like I said I added about 1/4 cu bbq sauce to it too.


It was perfect as written, but we all have to change something, right!

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The ribs look great Al..nice smoke ring from a Kettle. Just shows us that we don't need a true smoker to turn out quality Q !!!!drool.gif

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Those Ribs look GREAT Al nothing like Ribs and a beer....

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Thanks gotarace & roller, it was a fun challenge.

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Nice work Al! I love busting the kettle out every now and then and doing what is normally done on the Primo or WSM! Some of my best eats have come off the Kettle. I too love fall off the bone ribs. I just recently learned how to make good comp ribs with the tug and dry bone. Not a fan! Again, good work

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Looks very good Al! I wouldn't trade my Weber Kettle for anything...well maybe I can think of a few things!
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Looks great Al! I just did the same thing last Sunday. It was a last minute thing and I didn't feel like setting up the WSM for 3 racks of BB's. Great minds think alike.

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Thanks guys!

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Looks great Al!  I haven't done that in a long time.  Fun memories, thanks!


C'mon Bear, that blue jean stuff is for the PA folks.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking ribs.  The kettle comes through again and again.  Makes a great backup smoker.  I see you have the cast iron grill.  Me too.  Sure adds a new dimension to the grilling game.  Still toying with the idea of getting a couple of the solid pieces for it just to have.



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Nice job on the ribs Al!  Glad you could "slum it" on the kettle like some of us do all the time - lol.  They can be a challenge sometimes.  btw...I love that grate system you have!




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They look great Al.  That is essentially what I'm doing on my grill...and I did two full racks of baby backs about a month ago and they came out awesome as well.  

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Looks-Great.gifThat's how i learned to smoke .Dad didn't show me how to smoke on a smoker till i was 16 .Yes i have a problemicon_mrgreen.gif .I have 5 grills and 2 smokers .Just gave my little bro my bullet smoker.

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Looks like a winner to me Al........ Nice ribs........icon14.gif

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Great thread Al......Back to basics, periodically, maintains the sanity....biggrin.gif....not sayin' you needed it........I like the pics of the minion method... great visual.......I also like how you caught that spark in mid trajectory.....did that take more than one shot to capture it on "film".....thumb1.gif.....by the way the ribs look awesome ........Dave 

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