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I Love Meat

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Hi, I'm a South Carolina born, North Carolina raised, and (just recently) Texas residing meat lover.  I have loved seasoning, cooking, talking about and eating meat for 37 years.  Mostly, I have been a pork barbeque fan being a Carolina native, but now living in Texas, I can't help but embrace what San Antonio/Austin-meat-smoking has shown me across all meats.  I have typically grilled, and my limited smoking experience has been with cheaper, store bought smokers, or observing my newer Texan friends' smoker creations.  In the next year, I plan to build my own smoker, and that about covers my intro.  grilling_smilie.gif

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thats what she said!!!!


what can you do with this??







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C'mon Rick, he didn't cay Cajun did he?


Welcome aboard, Monkey, nice to see some more young'ns here!


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Monkey, Welcome to your new home........Dave

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Welcome !!!!!   That is some funny chit rick..

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Welcome aboard Beer.gif

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