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Kalua pork

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Has anyone tried to make Kalua Pork in their smokers?  I would like to try this but I don't want to go down a path that you all know is not a good one.  Thanks for any advice you might have.  Also, if you have any advice on where to buy banana leaves.

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Well, Kalua pork is not bbq in the sense we on the mainland think as bbq. So, the heavier smoke is not needed.

And, the pork is usually seasoned with sea salt and wrapped in ti or banana leaves and cooked in a pit.

If you search for Kalua pork recipes you will find sea salt, liquid smoke, and foil involved.


And, the sea salt and liquid smoke has been confirmed by Hawaiian locals.


So, have at it but you have opened a can of worms! biggrin.gif

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