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Help, my wood burns

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Don;t know why but the chunks of wood burn, they dont smoke.  What am I doing wrong... 

Trying to smoke some ribs for the neighbors.




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My guess is there is nothing wrong.  It is very possible everything is going just right.


You don't want to see billowing white smoke, or you will get very bitter meat from creosote.


If the chunks are actually burning, you are getting smoke.  It is very possible you are getting thin blue smoke (TBS) which is exactly what we all strive for.  Under certain conditions, TBS can be nearly invisible.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by luckywilber View Post


Help, my wood burns




I would not call you Lucky if that were a medical condition.  biggrin.gif


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What kind of smoker are you using would be the first step


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Master Forge propane. I turned down the gas and now it is smoking not burning but the temp is only 150

What to do, what to do????



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Oh, I am using Weber wood chunks, Cherry

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Try wrapping the wood chunks in aluminum foil and poke a couple of holes in the foil.  With dino or watt burners you want the wood to get just enough air and get just hot enough that you have a slow smolder.  Give that a try and let us know

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Can do, Thanks. Good Idea


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OK, listen up, I just started the 2nd part of 321. foiled the ribs and added heated apple sauce. This shou;d keep them moist???

Wad-ja think???


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Never used apple sauce,  lots of apple juice, but not apple sauce.  Let us know how it comes out.

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Interesting idea, apple sauce.

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I never foiled with Apple Sauce but Dad would Roast a Pork Loin for 30 mins at 350* then coat with a mix of 1C Apple Sauce, 1/4C Brown Sugar, 1T Dijon Mustard and 1tsp Dry Rubbed Sage, then finish roasting the last 30 minutes to 165*. He was Old School, I go to 150*F.  This would be interesting as a Foiling Sauce...JJ

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popcorn.gif do we get some q pics?  


how did they turn out?

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Hreatttt!!!!!!!! Learning to post pics how
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