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My New Logo - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Sierra View Post

That looks awesome. Tempted to start a team just to have a cool logo!!!

I second this I want a cool Logo

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Originally Posted by callahan4life View Post

Ecto, This was done by Patrick Carlson of About 13 total emails between us over about 6 hours and $200 and he brought my Pig in a Pokey Concept to life. He then sent me all the files need to make banners, shirts, aprons, etc. I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you so much for Patrick's website. I emailed him this morning and he's already done a sketch for me. His prices are awesome. I was getting quotes for $600-$1,000 and just couldn't justify spending that much. He is a very talented artist. Will post as soon as it's done.


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Yeah, I went through the same thing, I was amazed at how quick he took my concept and turned it into a Logo. I'm glad you had the same experience.

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Love it! Great job!

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