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Rookie in IL

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Hey! Just bought my first smoker, a GrillPro charcoal 16" dome smoker, on a whim. It was on sale for $34.99 at Menards. Put it together last night and grilled some pork chops, but haven't smoked anything yet. I have some questions regarding charcoal, wood chunks, wood chips, etc... Without knowing what I was doing, I bought lump hardwood charcoal, hickory chunks and hickory chips. What is the best combination of these to use for smoking? Thanks!



Peoria, IL

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Welcome aboard!


Congrats on the new toy.  You accidently bought some pretty good stuff.


You might find this interesting:


I am sure someone will be along to help you who is more familiar with that smoker.


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Thanks Venture! Thanks Al!

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1 Welcome brisket green.jpg

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If you haven't done so enroll in the free 5 day e-course on smoking


Welcome and congrats on the new smoker. Hey my buddy is in Peoria!

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Thanks! Who is your buddy?

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Larry her works at CAT

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