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to Who ever runs this site

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Please remove me from your E-mail. I've tried to do it and can't make it happen.


Thank You

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not sure what kind of issues you are having, but in your user profile there are "email preferences" you may set to your liking.th_dunno-1[1].gif
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Also, under the Reply box is a line, "Get notified when others reply?" and change that too.

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Since this is your first post, I wonder how you got on the email list?


Are you a member under a different name?

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I believe you can sign up for the newsletter without posting.  I checked and I wouldn't know how to get taken off the newsletter distribution list.  This must be what he is talking about.

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I think they should stop now you actually control what you get and you find the settings in your profile. I went ahead and changed yours for you 

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Such effiency and politness, NO WONDER I just love this place!!





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