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Decided to make some Taco`s for lunch the meat I used was Venison and JD Sausage...0827011303.jpg0827011313.jpg

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Looks good Roller!

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Thanks Al !!!!!

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Dang that looks mighty tasty!!!




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Thanks Bear !!!!

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Looks like my tacos,,,so big you cant shut them,,,lol

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As soon as Judy saw your taco thread she said "Lets have tacos for dinner, we have all the stuff".


I said great, we don't have venison, but we have ground chuck & hot Italian sausage.


I have the Bucs game on DVR, and don't know the score, so it looks like a few beers, tacos & the Bucs game is in store for this afternoon.


Please if you know the score don't post it. It was blacked out here & I didn't look at the paper yet.

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Man this taco's looks good . yup tacos for me tomorrow

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Love some taco's - looking good

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nice taco's icon14.gif

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