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My first Pizza and Philly Cheese Fattie with Lots of Q-Vue

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These are the ingredients for my Pizza Fattie...082011114650.jpg

Next was the 1 1/4# Mild Italian Sausage....

Mild italian sausage.jpg

Rolled it in a zip-loc...then spread with sauce...spread pizza sauce.jpg

Then Pepperoni and another thin layer of sauce...

add pepperoni.jpg

Then I sprinkled 2T. fresh chopped Basil, 1T. fresh chopped Oregano, 2 sprigs fresh Thyme and a pinch or two of Pepper Flakes...

add your fresh herbs.jpg

Then the Mozzarella...

mozzarella slices.jpg

Then sauteed Mushrooms and Onions...

onions and mushrooms.jpg

I sprinkled w/ Parmesan cheese....sprinkle with parmesan.jpg

Then Rolled her up...

all rolled up n ready for tha weave.jpg

Bacon weave sprinkled with Parmesan and Hot sauce....

bacon weave with parmesan and hot sauce.jpg

Rolled and ready for the smoker...

rolled up and ready for the smoker.jpg

Now for the Philly Cheese...1 1/4# Mild Italian Sausage...Philly cheese italian sausage.jpg

Rolled into a zip-loc bag...

1 pound italian sausage.jpg

Added the Provolone Cheese...

provolone cheese.jpg

Then the sauteed Mushrooms and Onions....

sauteed mushrooms and onions.jpg

Then the Chopped Sirloin....

add the chopped sirloin tip.jpg

Rolled and ready for weave...

all rolled up and ready for the weave.jpg

Weaved and ready for my Vertical Brinkman....

bacon weaved up and ready for the smoker.jpg

My smoker....

My Brinkman Vertical.jpeg

Here so far...

My Smoker Smokin.jpeg


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looking good so far I'll be waiting cheers.gif

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Here are a few pics I found I thought I lost...Both fattie's ready to go.jpg

On the smoker...

Fatty's on the smoker.jpg

Done deal...

Fatty's done deal.jpg

This was Damn good!!! Thank you all for the inspiration...I will fill my freezer full of the bundles of joy  yahoo.gif

Money shot baby.jpg

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Man ! That looks good , I have got to do me one of those ....I have the same smoker , and I loves it ...Got it at Wally _World on sale ( floor model) so they even discounted it another 10 %   I have been very happy with it drool.gif

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MMMMMMMM, perfectly cooked!


Great color, bacon looks crispy too!


Nice job!

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looks great.. nice job bet they were tasty

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Nice looking fatties for sure. I tried a fattie last weekend and failed

miserably. I got it to an IT of 165*. but it fell apart. The bacon didn't

get the same color as yours, I wish it had.


Good Job!!!     James

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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifAwesome looking Fatties.


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Those came out great. Congrats

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Looks great!!  Hmmmmm....that is a great idea smoke a bunch then freeze them for later!!!!!

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Thank you all for the comments...I really liked doin these. I can't wait to do sum more!

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Them look very yummy.



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Man thet looks yummy bravo.gif

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looks delish!

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