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Good morning, Larry!

I'd just insert the probe 1/3 of the depth from the top. When it hits 190 or so, go a bit deeper and compare readings. Go by lowest temp.

Also, being it's boneless and closed up, you may want run at about 240 to get above 140 internal temp in 4 hours (danger-zone).

If Your looking for lots of bark, open grate with a drip pan underneath will give the best results.

Happy smokin'!!!!

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heheh,, have I mentioned before that I am impatient :)  just got home again to walk the girls outside,  they are getting a treat of a mushroom/gorganzola/chicken sausage that I smoked last night.  Not too much though,, they are both fat enough :)  I popped open the smoker after just 2.5 hours,, temp inside is just 205, I expected that though until the shoulder comes up to temp. Outside temp is almost 96 now,, I am not seeing much smoke at all but the shoulder does have a nice caramel color and I can smell the smoke.  I will have to remember about the foil pan,, was afraid that if I put it right above the elements it would reflect a lot of heat back down,, though,, to think about that,, it would go back to wood chip dish which might help smoke.  I will try to bump up the temp just a bit.

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Hmm...2.5 hRs, 205f....migHt wanna push it pretty good to get it cooking. May be looking at danger zone issues, otherwise.

I'd stab Your probe and see where you're at.

Hope it comes up in decent time. That's I like bone-in meats...no worries over internal temps as long as the surface gets pasteurized in the first couple hours.

Good luck

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on my way out door to get back to work.  Just stabbed,, am sitting about 129 in 3 places on it.  I bumped up temp again.  My times are not totally accurate, but it does seem kinda low on internal.



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Might me be double post.  Still sitting here at home, have plenty of vacation time left.  Anyone online that can go into chat,, tell me what I am doing wrong with MES ?

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10 hours in,, internal temp has just hit 160...I am also as a side note, using a turkey baster (not sure of spelling) but using it,, to suck up some juice and baste the shoulder,, was looking kinda dry.



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160 in 10 is not too bad...another 40 may take 5 hours or more, depending on stalls...getting above 180 can seem like an eternity, so, hang in there!

Lookin' good do far!!!

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What Eric said !



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just stabbed again,, am at 158 on one end of it,, 163 at the right side, where the known hot spot is.  Lets see from best guesstimate,, 9am till now,, 7:50pm.  I have been using what little juices have dropped to baste it, think I will spin it around,, let the other side hit the hot spot.  I am being as patient as I can,, I know that less then 195 will not be pp tender, so have to wait for that.. Disappointed though, not seeing any blue smoke at all,, though I can smell it.


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If you can smell it, but not see it, you have a perfect smoke going.

Do you have a leave-in probe? If not, probably should just keep your door closed for at least the next 3 hours. You're losing lots of heat and slowing it down...kind of takes the wind out of it's sails each time you open the door.

Gonna be awhile yet...grab a cold one and watch the sunset...TIC-TOC---TIC-TOC............

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heh,, did I say I was impatient :)  just stabbed again and am at 164 all the way around.  okay,, I leave door closed for the next 2 hours,, temp still sitting steady around 230 or so.  Had hoped it would be done before boss goes to bed.  My crowning achievment would be when she grabs a pair of tongs and everything falls apart, It has a very nice crust on it,, little moister now as I have been basting with the drippings,, not getting a whole lot though.  Guess that means its staying inside :)  I am being more patient then I have ever been ,, if this works out,, then I can just smile n say,, that this time I knew what I was doing :) 

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I just ran out to check builtin thermometer on smoker,, it was way up to 375 after about 30 mins from last check,, I know I am not supposed too but it scared me,, opened it up again and inside one had jumped to 350,, that goes with my + or _25 degrees.  Not sure what happened ?  Did it get over stall and go ballistic ?  I kept door open a bit,, and let temp inside drop back down to 200 then closed door.  Internal temp has jumped up to 174 from 160 or so from 30 mins ago.  Something is not right.  Now that I know I have a hole though for decent thermometer sensor wires. I will look at something a little bit more reliable,, with 2 sensors,, one for meat and one for inside temp.  Thought I was on a roll, all was going well,, just slower then I thought.  Now I am going to have to babysit it for another hour or so,, make sure temps are not going crazy on me.

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You may have a controller problem. Chamber temp shouldn't jump in an electric rig...ecb, maybe, not MES.

May want to make a dry run next chance you get and check where it holds at different temp settings just to get a better idea if the controller or temp sensor is bad or not.

Man, it would suck to hear of another MES taking a crap on someone's smoke....it happens.

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11pm, still going, just 3 beers left :(   temp on smoker gauge is 250 or so,, temp inside now back to 225 and internal temp is at 183.  Dang this is taking longer then I thought.  Buttt,,,, it sure does look good :)  every time I open, i baste with juices,, its not dried out and actually very little juice coming from it.  Wood chips have been stirred,, they are still burning some.  Wonder if I should wake the wife around 1am if its ready to have her test :)  I am gonna stay up now till its done, its too far along for me to go to sleep. 

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3 beers left...not good...LOL!!!

Mid 180's I/T...now we're talkin'!!!

It should cruise into the 200 range before long...they seem to spend the bulk of the smoke between 140 and 180.

It might be to temp by 1am, but don't forget to rest before pulling so you can work it easier...and not burn yourself...been there, no fun.

Every piece is different...I think the lower chamber temp early on put the hurt to you, but some of mine have pushed 24 hours+, so I guess....


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Its only 7# or so,, dang am tired,,  next one I do,, will start early am.  I must say though,, it looks fantastic.  A little shrinkage but juices from it, probably no more then 1 cup,, which I have used to baste it with.  Smells damn good too.  I am not concerned about it being dried out,, from looks of it,, it wont be,, just kinda tired :)  Patience grasshopper,, patience :)  good things come to those who wait.... When done,, after it rests,, I may eat it all,, wife will just have to wait for me to do the other 7# :)

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internal temp is 188, I am so tired :)  but it has to get to 195 before I pull it.


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Yeah, I like to start my butts and briskets in the evening, around 6 to 8pm, and once I'm comfortable with the smoke, I turn in for about 5-6 hours of eyelid inspections.

I've smoked plenty of 7-9lb and heavier. I've only had one come through fairly quick @ 1.75 hrs/lb. Most run well above 2.5 for me, with over 3 not uncommon...different smokers with higher convection efficiency (inreased air flow) will turn 'em out faster, but fast isn't the answer for a tough cut of meat.

Dialing up the chamber temp 20-30 degrees with lower convection will make up the difference in the end.

Hang in there, brother...gotta be comin' up on the home stretch soon.

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It looks so juicy,, I cant walk away from it even as tired as I am :)  I dont think I have gotten a 1/4  cup of juice from it, in the foil anyway,, it has to be holding it all in.  I keep stabbing though every 30 mins now,, I wanna go to bed :)  and too think once it hits 195 internal,, I need to let it rest for another 30 before I break out the tongs n camera.....Ohhh,, by the way,, what the heck are you still doing awake :)


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Ha-ha! Oh, just hangin' out with ya 'til I had a forced thaw (water-bath) done on a whole brisket and a whole pork loin for some weeken fun. They're waiting in my Q-fridge for me, now.

Just about to turn in for the night...so, I'll have to catch up with you in the morrning.

I'm about dyin' to find out how. your wife reacts to the masterpiece you're creating for her, though.

I'll be patient...nite. Larry.

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