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Bacon Wrapped Brat Fattie (Q-VIEW THICK)

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Well it has been a while since I posted any Qviews, Always seem to miss the money shot. But this one I got from start to finish...

 Had a package of Johnsonville Brats in the frig and decided to try it in a Fattie>IMG_6040[1]



Took them out of the casing and rolled them flat,, Now for the goodies

IMG_5913.jpgRed Peppers,Yellow Peppers Onion, And Some good Swiss Cheese

IMG_9451.jpgForgot to get a pic of the weave....



All rolled up and SOOO much closer to the grill


And after a few hours...



It was cooked at 300  for around two hours. I like how crispy the Bacon got. Oh ya, this was smoked with Hickory and the outside was covered in Cajun Blacking Spice.


 And one pic that Kinda looks like a smiley



 I have to say that this was the Best Tasting one I have done so far. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.. Think I might have it with some Eggs and Hash Browns for dinner tonight.. Thanks for Looking






















































































































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That looks Great, Terry !!!



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Great looking fatty Terry. drool.gificon14.gif

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Real nice. I like the thinking outside the box. Rolling out the Johnston's is a great idea.


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Tasty looking fattie there.  Love the brat idea!

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Looks good from here!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I haven't tried a brat fatty yet but I think I need to. Looks delish!

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looks good. Nice roll & weave icon14.gif

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Thanks Guys,, I have to say,, after sitting a few hours and then having it with my eggs and hash browns and toast was a real treat.. I have to say that the Brat's worked out real well. Thought it might be to greasy but it seemed to need the bacon for the longer cook. Here is a pic of Dinner... ENJOY. i KNOW i DID!!!!!




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It all looks just great !!!!!   I could eat !!!!

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Great looking fattie Terry!

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Looks good.

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